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Dear officers,

As you might know, no less than 70 different companies, including manufacturers, dealing in guns, ammunition and firearms accessories have either refused to do business with government agencies in New York outright, or have limited any purchases to that which is permitted to citizens. So, for instance, Governor Cuomo's knee-jerk ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than 7 rounds will be imposed upon police orders just as they are to private citizens.  The list of companies grows daily, and the latest today is here:

As a supporter of this movement, I wanted you, the men and women of New York's finest to know this: we are NOT your enemy!  In fact, we feel your pain.  As I understand it, the law was written SO hastily that it failed to exempt law enforcement from these restrictions!  I heard a lot of dissatisfaction from officers, and I completely understand.  You all have a very tough job to do, and to be asked to do that job with your proverbial right hand tied behind your back is not only unfair, but dangerous.  We ALL want to see officers going home to their families unharmed at the end of their shifts.

By the same token, however, we citizens also want to be safe.  We walk the very same streets as you do.  We may well blunder into the same bad guys that you might meet.  But unlike you, we don't usually have a partner.  (And criminals usually travel in groups.)  We don't have a bullet proof vest.  We're not issued a 2-way with back-up waiting nearby.  There's no 12-gauge in a quick release in our cars.  Yet we citizens are now forced to accept even greater disadvantages than New York law allowed us PRIOR to this latest ban!  Most New Yorkers aren't even allowed a sidearm if they venture beyond their front door!  Let me ask you: is this fair?

Again, we're on YOUR SIDE.  We want officers to be able to carry all the ammunition they can.  We don't want to deprive them of their AR-15 style rifles when doing dangerous dynamic entry operations or other enforcement.  We're totally committed to going to bat FOR YOU.  But this is key: we would like the same in return.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Police officers are committed to keeping the public safe.  Yet every officer knows that they can't be everywhere at once.  They know that, most often, they're called to the scene of a crime AFTER it happens.  By then it's too late.  New York citizens have a right to be safe in their own homes.  They also have the right to be safe wherever they go!  What keeps officers alive in the field also works for the private citizen.  If said citizens are willing to take the required training, pay the licensure fees and pass an FBI background check, why shouldn't they be trusted with firearms in AND outside of their homes?  Why should they be denied the exact same tools that keep officers alive?

What we need is SOLIDARITY.  We need YOU to stand up for US, as WE will stand up for YOU.  All we would ask is that you complain to your chiefs, mayors, legislators and governor to stop infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of New Yorkers.  KEEP complaining until they LISTEN.  Oh, and one more thing... and it's HUGE: REFUSE TO ENFORCE THE NEW BAN.  Refuse to seize guns that hold more than 7 rounds.  Refuse to seize "assault weapons" that aren't TRUE assault weapons (not select-fire).  Refuse to make ANY arrests under the new ban.  Unless an actual crime is committed, then STAND UP for the law-abiding gun owners/citizens you're sworn to protect!

Another way we can solve this is for New York police officers to join groups like the NRA and SAF in their lawsuits against these poorly crafted, hastily enacted laws.  Join us and we'll join you.  So how about it?  Do we have a deal?  We want you to be safe.  Surely you want your citizens to be safe, too, right?  Let's say it together: SOLIDARITY!
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